Wheelie Bin Maintenance

Do not place more refuse in the bin than the bin can take. If the bin lid cannot be closed due to too much content, it might not be collected.
The following should NOT be disposed of in the bin:

  • Rocks and soil
  • Commercial, industrial and building waste
  • Car batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Motor oil and solvents
  • Firearms or explosives
  • Dead animals

Any hazardous items

  • It is recommended not to place any recyclables in the bins but place them in a separate bag on the side for recycling.

General advice and tips

1. Marking of bins: Even though Council information pamphlets state that you should not mark your bin, please do so, as theft of bins are rife and you will be liable to pay a replacement fee if your bin is stolen.
2. Maintaining bins: It is recommended to regularly wash out your bin, especially if there are any fluids that spilt by accident. That will allow your bin to remain odour-free.
3. Become recycling-friendly: it is recommended to remove all recyclables from the bins before putting them out, as experience has learned that bin pickers will sometimes empty out bins that have recyclables in them and would not replace the refuse removed or not clean up properly afterwards.

  • The municipality will not clean up afterwards, so the recommendation is to place the recyclables in a separate bag on collection day.
  • If the whole community works together this challenges of recyclables will be resolved when the bin pickers realise that recyclables are no longer kept with other refuse in your bin.

4. Compost rather than dispose of garden refuse: the current waste collected consists of about 75 percent garden refuse. The use of bins will create a challenge for those people with large gardens as they will either have to get additional bins or take the garden refuse to a transfer station to dispose of it.

  • It is recommended that those who have a large enough property start a composting pit and compost garden refuse. They will then be able to generate their own garden compost and save quite a bit in garden maintenance cost in the process.

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